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Once Upon a Crime…

 Her heart was stolen,  beaten,  broken.  Her emotions got hijacked, and her childhood dreams were destroyed by the vicious villains,  the wicked women,  the gnarly knights,  the horny toads,  and the froggy boys & girls all disguised in princely clothing,  and dripping,  with fairytale charm.

Her Royal life’s desires had already cost her a fairytale fortune and were still being held hostage.    She could no longer afford the ransom.   She needed a magical miracle to free her from the bondage and to help her find the smile that was lost in the corners of her heart.  

Her soul was stirring.  She was emotionally restless and exhausted.  Her childhood fantasies were dying.  But something more was happening.  Something deeper was crying for her attention.  She felt something tugging on her,  calling to her from the inside.   She wanted to know what it was,  so she fell fast asleep and began listening to the silent whispers… 

And then she was awakened from her sleep….and alas!  Much to her surprise, she found there,  right beside her bedside, a brand new storybook & beautiful pen…and to her delight,  the pen was engraved with her name on it. 

The first chapter of her new story read…

 Once Upon Her Time…

She wiped her cries dry,  blew her nose,  gathered her senses,  got up with dignity off her Royal ass,  adjusted her attitude and broke that damn slipper made of glass!  

She knew she was ready to rise to her royal size.   She decided to Queen up her fairytale mess and create a life,  a relationship and a business,  all worthy of her success!

So, she summoned the courage and commitment to enlist the help of her Royal Coach and together, they created her Royal plan…

And that’s when the true miracle of her life and the beauty and best of her dreams, magically, began.

Her power restored and her faith renewed, she was ready to begin living, the magic and miracles of Once Upon Her Time.

And she lived, empowered ever after…

The. Beginning.



If you are fed up & tired of trying to turn  froggy boys into Kingly men,  hijacked emotions, shady relationships, beastly business dealings, broken dreams, horny toads and AND you are finally ready to QUEEN UP the Princess B.S:  Then, Bibbidi-Bobbidi Boo!  Click HERE because,
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