The 4 Groups of Women I work the Most Magical With

1. Single/Divorced Moms/Women:

Wanting more, deeper meaningful and equal relationships, significance and meaning, want and working towards financial freedom, autonomy, independence- May be able to create initial success or start up but really struggling to maintain or sustain it long term. Have fleeting feelings of ‘satisfaction’ but no real soul fulfillment. Gnawing, grief, and a sense of deep discomfort or fear that you have to be a certain way for the acceptance to continue and feeling that something is just not quite right- Short term relationships, business, clients, start with fire, passion, excitement, hope and can’t keep it going or others fizzle, drop and dump. Always have a gnawing, stirring, yearning, soul ache for something deeper, greater deep sense of wanting to belong but just don’t quite fit in. Wanting to give power to your voice in your personal and professional relationships, longing to belong to and build on your sisterhood community, craving deeply core connected friendships and relationships based, built and bonded on loyalty, trust, honor, playtime, fun, purpose. She has a struggling relationship with herself and with her money.

2. Victims of NPD, NVS, PTSD:

If you have been or are being battered, harassed, beaten up and down personally and professionally, friendships, family betrayal- give and give until emotionally bankrupt, depleted, spent financially, spiritually drained and mentally tapped out.  Keep attracting emotionally needy, energy sucking, draining vampires. Used only for resources, exhaustion and feeling used, rejected, abandoned, unworthy, deceived and almost hopeless.  Root, Sacral, Solar- you’ve given to others the good life to the extent that you have almost nothing left to give to yourself and are beginning to wonder if there is “really something wrong with me?” based on NPD’s narcissistic supply and gaslighting. You’ve sacrificed your sanity, success, pleasure, and needs to please and appease others, whether your lover, partner, spouse, friends, family or children- In the name of ‘peace’.

3. Lightworkers/Creatives/Empaths/Catalysts/Change Agents/Visionaries/Healers/Caretakers/Nurturers:

Throat Chakra, seeking to and speaking truth to create a movement not just a message. To build on sisterhood, lifting other women up and calling them to Rise to their Size- soul ache for more, soul stirring, restlessness, spirit wanting to express and expand through you, relationship building and bonding, visionaries.

4. The, ‘She’s done it all, seen it all, been through it all, and yet, still…’

Any woman who has literally tried every personal, professional and spiritual coaching, training systems, retreats, products, self help books, money/wealth courses, home study courses, certifications, rites of passage, rituals, Law of Attraction practices, and relationship and growth & development programs out there- spending thousands and thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands to have little to no profound impact or influence on your life and bottom line. Or maybe you have created the initial start up success of a successful business or relationship only to find yourself unable to sustain it and crying and wanting more, feeling temporarily satisfied yet deeply unfulfilled.


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