Hey hey lovelies! I am Stacie Campanelli aka “The Queen Whisperer” and I am the creatrix of The Queens CORE-MAP™ and founder and facilitator of The Royal Life Academy for High Achieving and
Heart-Working Women.

I am first and foremost- A beloved (and ok- keepin’ it real, I’ll admit…sometimes begrudged) student of life, of unconditional love, of laughter, letting go and all things spirituality, energy, frequency and vibration.

This includes LOA (Law of Attraction) and Feng Shui.   

Love it so much that I have created my own school of Feng Shui & Royal Life Academy, that includes curriculum I have developed over many decades and fits the westernized world and Royal Revival of Women.


*** In fact, I have created the most simplified scientific and spiritually quintessential CORE transformational empowerment systems of ALL spiritual, personal and professional systems. Period. I know this to be true. Once you’ve experienced what it can do in your life (and how quickly), you will undoubtedly agree 😉 ***


I have experienced a whole lot of what doesn’t feel good or empowering in my 4+ decades of life and a whole lot of what does. I like what does a whole lot better 😉

I am the creatrix of The Queens CORE-MAP™ and Founder and Facilitator of The Royal Life Academy for High Achieving and Heart-Working Women.

I still haven’t figured it all out because, well- we are eternal spiritual beings having a human experience and we will never get it all done or all figured out.  I have learned to accept that and allow my own evolution and most times allow the goodness of life to flow through me. Sometimes I screw it up and block the flow and most times I can release my grip and let go.


I am an intense learner, not a slow learner as I was once upon a time led to believe. There is a difference. Because (according to The Teachings of Abraham), I am a teacher at the very core of my being.  The intensity of my experiences and lessons in life has allowed me to be a better teacher/mentor/trainer/coach/writer that shares from the depth of who I have become and the promise of who I am still becoming.


I am second, humbly, The Hallmark of Authentic Women’s Empowerment, and a heart-working benchmark and very well-seasoned non-traditional, non-conforming spiritual teacher/healer/trainer/coach/author/writer. I stand for Unconditional Love, Peace, Joy & Freedom- first with self and then extended to others.


I super love helping spiritually awakening women fully awaken to discover the grace and goodness in their own CORE spiritual truth and raising her levels of Royally High Self-I-C™, so she can rose higher to meet her dreams and match her desires in all 7 main Royal Life Areas.


I also love helping women experience a Royal Revival and experience the awakening of the Queen within them worthy of The Royal Life, business and real-ationships.


The Royal Life is a life you love to live- in all 7 main Royal Life areas.


Because life is meant to be Delicious, Delightful and Divine;

Relationships were meant to be Rich, Royal & Rewarding;

You are meant to Rise to Your Royal Size and Shine; and,

You were meant to Live Empowered & Enjoyably Ever After…


I infuse a good amount of fun and joy in all my coaching programs, products and services because I feel that spiritual, personal and professional empowerment and wellness is designed to be fun and joyful.


Oh yea..and although I am a very spiritual teacher/leader/healer/coach/trainer/writer…


I am also a very passionate woman and embrace my Divinely royal, authentic, sexy, silly, sensual, superlative, creative kind of magically crazy-self.


Because, well, trying to be like everyone else is really, very boring.




Sometimes I swear.


A Lot.


Especially during sporting events.


And it took me too many decades to stop apologizing and start accepting and allowing myself to express the beauty and best and all the flawsomely perfect rest.


Potty mouth and all 😉


If you would like to read a little (ok, a lot) more about my backstory you can pull up a chair and click here:

What I do:

I work with elite and extraordinary women who are struggling, suffering, stressing and/or settling within any of their 4 CORE relationships. I help them fully awaken, Quickly Queen Up and Rise to Their Authentic Size and The Size of Their Creative Calling™

I do this by combining my 40+ years of personal experience (experiential training) with DV, abusive, unfulfilling and unequal relation-shi*s and stifled creativity, my 20+ years of professional training and education and expertise, and my magically edgy personality and style. I use all my experience to help them reconnect with their spiritual truth, rebuilding and raising their levels of Royally High Self-I-C™ and helping her rebirth her core self-worth.

As a result, they are able to finally stop over-analyzing, agonizing and apologizing for their spiritual truth and gifts, experience and enjoy equally supportive and mutually rewarding relationships and rise higher to meet their dreams and match their desires in all 7 main Royal Life areas.

What truly sets me apart from all the other spiritual leaders, teachers, trainers, coaches and writers as The Hallmark of Authentic Women’s Empowerment is my 40+ years of personal experience of Totally True Trans4MEtion™ through domestic violence, core4 abusive, unfulfilling and unequal relationships and stifled creativity, combined with my 20+ years of professional training, formal education and expertise.

I own a non-traditional, non-conforming a=coaching academy, approach, method and divinely creative breakthrough strategies, magically edgy personality and style. I have what I call experiential training. Bar none to all papered training. I have been to hell, had tea with the devil, danced intimately with his shadows, burned him with my desire to rise higher and have risen to my size.
Time, and again.

I am Resurrected Grace™

If you can relate and resonate with that burning desire to rise higher, create, experience and enjoy equally supportive and mutually rewarding relationships, raise your levels of Royally High Self-Identi-C™/Self-i-C™ and are ready to Queen Up and Rise to Your Authentic Size and The Size of Your Creative Calling™ click here to schedule a complimentary Royal Life Strategy session.

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