Are you a High Achieving Spiritually Awakening Woman over 40?

Do You find yourself Struggling, Sacrificing, Stressing or Settling in any of your 4CORE Relationships?

You may be suffering from Self-Worth-itis!

Have I Got A CURE For You!

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I am Stacie Campanelli- The Queen Whisperer and I cure the Self-Worth-itis that’s been plaguing us Women for centuries-

I do this by helping Women heal the wounds around their worth.

Teaching you how to Queen Up and Rise through the dirt and hurt to The Royal Rebirth of your CORE Self-Worth.

Empowering you to create, experience and enjoy your own Happily Ever After- The life and love you’ve wished for, dreamed about and deserve.

            Whether it’s your wealth, your health or your relationships-

        You are deserving and worth Queening them all Up.


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Relationship Empowerment Coaching for Women 


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Queens Quest AcadeME:

Holistic based Women’s Wellness and Relationship Empowerment School providing Spiritual tools that empower the awakening woman to fully rise to her size and define, design & live her own happily ever after- In all 4 CORE Relationships

Partial Semester and Full Semester Private Classes Available. Inquire further for course descriptions and tuition fees.


The Universal School of Feng Shui

With Feng Shui Master Consultant Stacie Campanelli-Fun Shui’ing success for the non traditional Awakened Woman


Need a Speaker, Trainer, Retreat or Workshop Facilitator for Women’s Events?
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 Royal Reviews

I can clearly speak as to the amazing character, incredible sensitivity, infectious & charismatic energy, creative intelligence and brilliance of Stacie Campanelli- as a Holistic Healer and Women’s Relationship Empowerment Coach

Laura Gisborne, Author, Speaker, Millionaire Mompreneur, CEO Powered With Passion


The most fantastic thing about having Stacie as a Women’s Relationship Empowerment and Breakthrough Coach is learning to step into the endless possibilities you can create for yourself, and seeing yourself as others already see you.

Traci Reiss, Las Vegas, Nevada, Charity Golf Tournament Director


Stacie was able to not only connect with me in a way that I have never experienced, she also helped me breakthrough some things that were in the way of my authenticity and expression of who I am.

Trista Rode’o-Walker, Chicago, IL. CEO In Body Source


I have the utmost love and respect for Stacie as a Women’s Relationship Empowerment Coach and an enlightened human being that is there to help and support others. She is a person that emanates strength and love. She is supportive and tough at the same time. 

Stacie supported me as I had a breakthrough pulling away from an abusive ex-boyfriend. She helped me see that a man is not the end all and be all of my world. Stacie modeled for me what it is to live a life full of self love and strength from within. I had to learn that I am worth more than what a man dictates that I am worth. Today I am in a wonderful loving relationship with the man of my dreams and I am planning my wedding as we speak. Thank you Stacie for all your love, support and coaching.

 Raquel Hernandez-Rusu, Dental Hygienist, Las Vegas, NV


Stacie is one of the most incredibly brilliant, compassionate and inspiring people I have ever had the privilege of working with. I have worked with thousands of people, and Stacie is the real deal. Her leadership skills are one of a kind. Whether through her spiritually seasoned teachings, her holistic healing gifts, her brilliant writings, velvet glove Women’s Relationship Empowerment Coaching, magnificent mentoring or in friendship.

Gini Gentry, Best Selling Author, Spiritual Leader, Teacher, Guardian of The Garden of the Goddess Retreat Center

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