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Mayweather-Pacquiao-Habitat-for-Humanity-Stacie-Campanelli Ok so, I rarely speak out on violence/negative/destructive news and happenings. I really do my best to keep all my pages light, loving, hopeful, inspirational and empowering. There are so many other pages, blogs and channels that freely and generously share and speak out on the nasty, negative ick and constantly remind us of what a cruel, heartless, evil world we live in. I try to go the other way and show the flip side of the shadows and shine a light brighter than the ick.

This however, has me dancing with my dark side and in the name of my integrity and what fuels my passion, I am speaking out.

I have been biting my tongue and biting my tongue and doing everything in my “take the high road” power to avoid speaking out on this fight being held here today at the MGM for Floyd Mayweather vs. Manny Pacquiao. For one thing: I have always always hated (yep I know it’s a strong word, but I stand by it) fighting of any sort, especially boxing. It physically hurts me and enrages me to see people hurting people. I don’t get the ‘sport’ nor do I have any desire to get it. I hate it. That’s just my core nature as a “sensitive, HSP, Nth degree empath”.

However, the ironic thing is I do not mind seeing a bully get brought to their knees especially when they think they are untouchable. I value justice over mercy. Male or female justice- I am not gender biased. Bullying is bullying.

For those of you who take offense-

I am not going to apologize. I am going to share my thoughts and opinion. I am giving a heads up so you can choose to mute or unfriend me if you so choose. I understand. I wish you well.

No matter where I’ve gone today it is the talk of the town. Yesterday it was the hot topic in school as my professor was pointing out the way “Las Vegas” works around “money and generating revenue”. I was told that this fight will bring in a vast amount of prostitutes and citywide security and police have taken extreme safety measures given what kind of “charge” this type of event brings to our town. I feel ashamed and embarrassed to even say I live in Las Vegas right now. In the famous words of Meredith Vieira, “I am not a victim, I am just pissed off.” Bravo.

I am all for generating revenue for our city, but not at the expense of making Las Vegas the biggest prostitute of all and selling out on morals and integrity for our women and children.

I have been a “Nevadan” for about 4 decades and I recently started a nonprofit here in Las Vegas because I wanted to help lift and empower women & their children who have been beaten spiritually, mentally, emotionally AND physically (including financially).

I do this because I have been there in my own life, so many times.

So. Many. Times.

To know that the Nevada Athletics Committee granted Mayweather a license to promote his fights here considering his well known and documented history with beating women, absolutely disgusts me. Knowing full well (according to The Violence Policy Center) for almost a decade Nevada has ranked among the top 10 states for the rate of women killed by men. In 2012 we ranked number 6. The final straw for me was the email I just got yesterday from Habitat for Humanity praising “incredible sold out ticket sales” and thanking everyone for their support on this and their generosity. I don’t get it. Truly.

We are building homes for families who are in crisis, some I am sure due to violence of some sort, and doing it through “blood and beating” money??


I was unable to attend the protest yesterday at the MGM with Southern Nevada NOW,​ but I am as equally outraged as the masses. Disgusted, enraged, and truly beyond pissed off. This guy…this Mayweather who thinks himself as a glorious and chosen golden-child untouchable and above any law. Who has financially teased, taunted and trained court officials, (being granted a sentence postponement to serve his 3 month jail term, until he was able to finish his fight, in Las Vegas). Along with state officials, the media, the blind fans, his equally deplorable “friends” and anyone who thinks what he has done over the past 14 years in regards to domestic violence INCLUDING pleading guilty to beating the mom of 3 of his kids IN FRONT of them while his FRIEND blocked the kids from getting out of the house to go get help so his friend could finish beating his ex girlfriend (Josie Harris).AND pleading no contest to threatening the children if they spoke or intervened-

This behavior is to be OK and dismiss-able in the name of “money”?

Let’s look on the flip side to this. I hear that Pacquiao (according to this article from USA Today- is being fueled to beat Mayweather because of his domestic violence history. His manager is calling this fight, “good against evil.”

Manny Pacquiao grew up in a domestic violence home watching his father beat his mother.

Well, if that is the case, I will step off my platform, bow down and send Pacquiao every ounce of energy, support and goodwill and God speed that I can. To take the bully down. And hopefully out. I wish you the strength of all the gods Manny.

My rant is over. For now. Thank you for listening <3 #FloydMayweather #MannyPacquiao #MayweatherPaquiao #MGMMay1 #MayPac #boxing #BoycottMayweather #Bullying #DomesticViolence #AntiBullying #MayweatherPacquiaoFight #PacMan

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