2019- Free To Be ME: Happily Ever After

2019 It’s Your Time

If you’re sick and tired of feeling deeply sad, unsatisfied, struggling, stressing, suffering, settling and sacrificing your health, your weight, wishes, wants and your happiness in all your relationships and feel afraid to share the truth of what you want, who you are, what you desire & deserve, I can help. 

2019 can & will be the year you finally awaken and fully rise to your authentic size. We will uncover what moves the magic in you so you can create with commitment, clarity, confidence courage, and self CARE- the life you love and live your own version of Happily Ever After. It’s your time.

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All Great Changes are Preceded by Chaos- Queen Up and Fully Rise To Your Authentic Size

As a Coach/Mentor/Teacher and Healer I have worked with hundreds of women (and men) who’ve experienced one or all of the following.

There are 3 reasons that make people finally want to change their circumstances and living conditions.

1. They’ve finally had enough pain, drama, chaos & craziness that they cannot take it anymore or hurt for one more single moment. Sort of like leaving your hand on the elevating heat of the stove. They are either willing to move it off the burner altogether & move on or move it to another coil that’s just getting warmed up. That’s the beginning phase of the desire & determination.

2. Spiritual Mental, Emotional or Physical boredom. Almost to the point of exhaustion. Their dreams are wilting like a dying plant begging for water & love. The slow & steady buildup and breakdown. The throwing in of the towel and accepting defeat, despair and depression. Same rut & routine with slight variation from “so what” to “now what?”

3. My favorite reason and one I have found the most liberating, inspirational AND motivational is, they finally discover that they CAN change their current circumstances and conditions. They have the freedom and the ability to follow through to say enough is enough, show up. Queen Up, move up and move on. The free will to choose which experiences they will accept and allow and which ones they are ready, able, willing and eager to let go of and leave behind. Which one are you in today? All of them? I am available for coaching and can help you move from dying emotionally to driving your dreams and desires forward to life.

The hurt stops when you say it stops.

The patterns change when you awaken and fully rise in your authentic power and potential.

Happy is not as far away as you have previously thought.

You can live The Royal Life and your own version of Happily Ever After (regardless of your age!)

It is never too late and you are not too old.

I am open & available for workshops, speaking engagements, empowerment groups, retreat facilitations and private and group coaching.

You are ready…It is your time…It is your season.

If you’re familiar with the 50 Shades of Grey, I will teach you about the 7 Shades of Queen that has kept your dreams locked up, keeping you locked away and hidden in the dark closets of life & peoples demands.

Away from your dreams. Away from the real reason you are here- to explore enjoy, create and command a life worth living and relationships worth loving. The shadows that have kept you believing the lies and chasing fairytales, fables and false beliefs that are choking your dreams.

You have had enough of the pain, drama, stress, struggling, settling and sacrificing in all your 4 CORE Relationships.

 You’ve had enough of self-sabotaging your dreams and suffering from Self-Worth-itis.

You can heal the masculine wounds around your worth so you can feel safe and free to explore, expand, express, experience AND enjoy equally supportive and manifest mutually rewarding CORE relationships.

 Time to Queen yourselves up, fully rise to your authentic size and create and command a better life.

~Stacie Campanelli- The Queen Whisperer

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The Storm is The Sign- Have Faith and Keep Going

Are you being shown more demonstration of a storm rather than the delivery of what you want? Keep going! Realize that this is a really GOOD sign!

Know that the closer you get to the light, the bigger the shadow becomes. How exciting is this?  You must have TRUST, FAITH and the burning desire to follow the path of your dreams. Then keep going. Pay attention to the twigs, flowers, and wood floating by you and showing you the way.

Columbus never gave up- He had a dream/goal and a burning desire and refused to give up because of the storms he was encountering.

3 days…on the morning of the third day…him and his crew began to see the other side of the storm…the delivery.

There is such power and magic in the number 3…your signs are everywhere- be awake and aware of the signs of “land.” You are closer than you realize.

Keep going 

“Toward the end of the long voyage, the crew became increasingly restless. So much so that the captains of the Pinta and Niña met with Columbus to discuss turning back before they had a mutiny on their hands. Columbus bargained with them and knew that he could be facing the plank if his “hunch” didn’t pan out. He was able to get them to agree to press on for just THREE more days.

After the meeting, Columbus stood in his faith convinced without wavering that land was near and pressed on. That first night the three ships covered more distance than any other day during the entire journey. This caused concern for the crew.

Why were they suddenly moving so quickly?

The next day, the excitement began to spread amongst the crew. Sure signs of land could be found in the water: twigs, flowers, and wood that had been carved were spotted floating past them.”

Keep going…

Your miracles and manifestation are closer than you think.

When a Woman Queens Up and fully rises to her royal size,

her path becomes illuminated with all the magic, wonder,

and awe she couldn’t even have imagined in all the years of her playing

Princess and reading fairytales.


How To Communicate From The Heart

The infinite gifts of Communication. The beauty of the beholder. The sweetest smell ever imagined is ingested by the aroma of surrender. The truth. The Honesty. The heart. She pumps, she beats, she hungers, and she cries out… Sometimes so loud in silence that the body speaks what the lips withhold. A treasure so priceless and rare, that few have the ability to hold, while many are eluded to her grasp.

Sharing the gifts contained within the Sacred Chambers of the heart is an ability that we all hold within. When we choose to withhold, or hold out on and suppress the feelings and emotions that are designed to flow in a natural rhythm, we are cutting off the hearts ability to pump and circulate the vital life force. That life force is a Universal energy cord that connects hearts and spirits all around the world.

Over time, when we’ve refused to share and express our hurts, our pains, our frustrations, as well as our joys, excitement, dreams and desires; our hearts can become hardened and eventually feel the bitterness of resentment, regret and remorsefulness. We begin to deny our birthright to be loved, to feel loved, to give and to receive love. Do you ever find yourself withholding or pulling back when you want to share? Is your intention to receive unconditional love or keep yourself and your heart at a safe distance? We tend to run away from that we desire the most.

Do you want to feel the touch that has the power within to raise you to blissful heights and lay you to sleep with the caresses & serenade of the Heavens? Do you hunger to be enveloped by your lovers embrace? Do you hunger for connection with others, yet are afraid to risk being vulnerable?

Do you feel that your heart has closed up? Does your chest feel free & light or restricted and tight? When you set the intention to create a relationship, yet do not engage all your senses in defining that real-ationship, your end result leaves you unsatisfied and deepens your frustrations and sense of hopelessness.

We must begin with the truth. Sharing the gifts of communication means opening your heart and sharing the truth. In order to create love, we must first surrender to love.

Self love.

Self Acceptance.

We must let go of the facades and filters we hide behind, the shadows we take solace in, and the masks we wear.  We must begin speaking from the heart center and speaking the truth of our own core values. We all have our own core values that we live by, in our lives and interactions with others. There is one common core value for all of humanity. It’s the core value that has been woven through the hearts of every living breathing being. The Universal Energetic Core Value is Love.

Is there a tightness in your chest and throat when you share? That means you’re not being honest- you’re not sharing from the place of authenticity. The place where all the true power resides. You’re wearing your heart like an armor & weapon that destroys the masses rather than a tool that builds foundations & bridges.

Is your language seasoned with love? Or peppered with distrust and fear of rejection. Is your heart heavily guarded or do you allow the emotion to flow effortlessly and with such grace that reciprocation becomes a steady dance of infinite beginnings… The exchange of emotions. Sharing, risking, fearing, opening yourself more than you’ve ever thought you could…In that moment of your greatest resistance holds within it the power to set a fire to passion, to build a bridge and expand the borders, and to allow you to begin to create the real-ationship of your dreams- and your own Happily Ever After. Starting with the dream come true, the beauty and best of you.

Trust yourself enough to be vulnerable. Trust the Universe to honor your vulnerability. Open your heart. Share the gifts of communication today. Your life and most loving relationship imaginable is waiting.

Love satiates.

Love satisfies, fulfills.

Love is. Say it. Mean it. Lay it on the line. Make it count.

Connect eye to eye & heart to heart.

We were born to love.


By Stacie Campanelli- The Queen Whisperer