Who I work the most magical with:

 I CAN help you IF:

  • Your heart is hurting.   You’ve literally had enough. If you want to heal it- I mean really truly want to heal it.
  • Your soul is crying so loud for expression that it has finally demanded your total attention.
  • You want to live, really live, to experience the joy that you see others experiencing.
  •  You want to have and experience that life time love that sets your mind, body and soul ablaze.
  • You are tired of the internal struggle, fed up with the painful fighting, begging, and bargaining for what you want and want to experience true peace and prosperity in every area of your life-inside and out.
  •  You’ve have had enough of the broken promises, wicked women, villains, horny toads and froggy boys disguised in princely clothing and dripping with false fairytale charm.
  •  You’ve experienced your last relationshit and want to experience a real life relationship- The one that is yours by Divine right.
  • You’ve had enough of being taken advantage of, being taken for granted, used, abused, discarded and discounted in life, love & business.
  • You are ready to get real and Rock the Royal Life.


IF you:

  • Want to create authentic friendships and connections that click, stick, serve and contribute to your personal and professional joy and growth
  •  Want to live a life worth the memories
  • Want to enjoy the freedom of being unapologetically you
  • Want to love without limits
  • Want to be loved by life with the fire that ignites your passion
  • Want to master your mindset and thoughts so that you can master this Law of Attraction ‘Thing’ to make it work for you, not against you
  • Want to create without boundaries and
  • Wake up hungry with purpose and go to bed fulfilled with peace…

IF you:

  • Have bought, spent, invested in, taken, read, listened to, experienced, been through EVERY self help, motivational, training, coaching, personal growth, books, boot camps, online courses, certifications, and still…
  • Have not been able to sustain what you attain, or create the life, love & business you were meant to live and enjoy and find you are just about out of fuel, finances, and fear that you will just never “get it, have it, be it, or do it”.


Then congratulations! We know we can work magic together!


First and foremost- You must be spiritually willing and soulfully committed to:


  • Traveling to the dungeon that is holding your past, your pains and your present happiness hostage- the dreary closets of your mind, the dark corners of your heart, the hidden coves in your soul.  But this time, for your quick journey to the Once Upon (the scene of the) Crime, you will be traveling with me having your back, as your Royal Coach, holding your hand, guiding the way for your very short stay.  We will go there together, heart to heart and once upon your return to present power of now, you will awaken to the truth, and have learned how you have, total, power and control…


*** Please listen- The Past is the Broken Princess Mess ***

  • The mental and emotional pain, all the layers of trauma, disappointments, despair, death of dreams, the experiences of the hell you’ve gone through are all hiding crouched down in those corners waiting to be freed, released, let go. Only you can free them. And you can only free them once you realize that you’ve not only gone through hell, you’ve grown through hell.
  • That little storybook girl, the princess who was sold a nightmare that was dressed as a fairytale dream – she is still there wondering WTF- and needs you to rescue her- To give her a voice.  To release her and set her free.  Not the knights, princes, villains, horny toads and freaky frogs- she needs YOU to rescue her. To save her. To let her out. To free her from the death of her trapped childhood fantasies- so the big girl, the Queen can rise to her royal size and finally create, live and enjoy the life & business of her adult dreams.


You have the power. You have the say so. The voice is yours. The choice is yours.



***  I am the Royal Coach who is spiritually willing and soulfully committed to take you through the journey to your dream fulfillment destination. *** 


*** CLICK your mouse one time here or on the crowns above to be taken to your very own Royal Coach! ***



Queen’s Quest

The Crown

From Self Discovery to Self Expression

(If you are a fence sitter or dainty dabbler then Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boohoo :(  I am saddened to say at this time, this program is not the one for you.)
Click HERE for more on The Royal Transformation 9 Month Group Coaching Program:


Queen’s Quest

 The Tiara

Discovering the Joy in the Journey

Click HERE for more on First Trimester Transformational 4 month Group Coaching Program



Looking a bit further into my ideal clients life…

There are ideally 4 groups of women I work the most magical with.


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