Happy Father’s Day!

Happy-Fathers-Day-Dad-Mom-Stacie-Campanelli-Billy-Graham-Quote-2015Neither my children (especially my daughters) nor I were personally blessed with the unconditional love, support, butterfly kisses and toe on toe dancing experiences of a “Daddy”.

However…that has never stopped me from revering, loving and honoring the many wonderful daddies we have been blessed to know. They have always given me hope and inspiration. There are so many fathers that raise the bar, set the standards and lead by exemplary example.

Thank you to all of you.

The single dads, married, gay, straight, etc. You are the masculine rock of true love & support for our little people. There is something soulfully sexy about a man who honors his father role and cherishes the lives of the little hearts entrusted to him.

Soulfully and spiritually sexy.

For all the wonderful Fathers whose undying love, solid commitment, honor, integrity and adoration to raise and support their babes, and to love, support and respect their Mothers, I say thank you. You have and continue to provide such hope and inspiration to those of us who were not afforded that luxury and privilege. I am honored to be among so many men who lead the way and offer hope and inspiration to me, my children and so many others <3 God Bless you Daddies for raising not only the best children and supporting an authentic family structure, but raising the bar and setting the standard for the rest.

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