Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mothers Day 2015- Stacie Campanelli
Moms all across the world. No one will ever understand like we do in the way the pendulum swings between the pains and pleasures of Motherhood. No one will ever see just how much love we hold inside our hearts for our children.

Regardless of circumstances and behaviors.

Trusting with faith and hope, that they will always find their way home. The tireless, endless, undying love and loyalty we have is Second. To. None.

The commonality we all share in Motherhood, yet each one of us unique and beautiful and brave in our own personal experiences.
One thing remains true for all; We love. We stand. We rise, day after day. Again and again.

Single mothers, you have my immense respect. We travel the same path. All mothers; I honor and adore all of us today. The most bittersweet journey of my life. But one I wouldn’t trade for anything Happy Mothers Day.

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