How I Confronted, Challenged and Conquered a Giant Fear. And The Fun & Freedom I Enjoyed After!

Personal Sunday Sermon:

Super Bright Good Morning and Happy Sun-Day! ☺☀💗

I had absolutely one of the best most “funnest” times yesterday at my Daughters’Stacie-Campanelli-Roller-Skatingskating birthday party. I was reacquainted and reunited with one of my greatest memories and passions from many years ago- A rekindling of one of the best love interests of my life: Roller skating.

As a kid I did all I could do to remain centered and calm until school let out Friday for the weekend. Given all the drama and dysfunction at home, the weekends were my escape into my play world of friends, music and roller skating. I was really good at it too. I even got really good at break-dancing…(that’s another story for another day). My girlfriends and I use to compete and win those crazy fun skating rink competitions and little did we know we were getting the best exercise, like, ever.

The endorphin’s created over the weekends seemed to help me deal better with the wars going on during the week inside my family home.

I’m not sure exactly why I gave it up- guessing all the familial ick and time passing, but I never lost my love of skating.

As the years went on I would often wonder and secretly wish I could confront my fear and summon the courage to tie those four wheels on my feet and skate with grace while maintaining my balance as I made my way with laughter and play around the rink.

Well yesterday, with the beaming support of my kids (and a 20+ year friendship/sisterhood) I not only confronted that fear but conquered “getting back in the saddle”, never fell one time and only sat down for a quick second twice in almost 3 hours on the rink. None of the super daring crazy stunts, but this grown woman felt the goodness and giddiness of the little girl again and it felt…so…good.

I am not going to kidya…

Today, well, I’m recovering a wee tad and yet with a huge smile I say this, I’m miserably happy ☺. The fun, freedom and fabulous way to an enjoyable life and fitness is when we confront, challenge and conquer our fears.

When we have the support of friends and family-whether blood or the ones we choose- our tribe of support, we truly can conquer and own any mountain or dream we want.

We also must have the unshakable confidence and belief in ourselves.

Now maybe next up- for starters I can confront, challenge myself and conquer ice skating and roller blading, and snow boarding…umm, well, maybe 😉

Skate on 💗

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