Motherhood Doesn’t Have To Mean Growing Up.

***Motherhood Presto Chango***

How can you tell if you have either super chilled out or super spiritually matured and are embracing a more adventurous life?

Hmmm…Well, for 27 years since I first became a mother, I have always been really good about allowing all 5 of my children to indulge their fancies/uniqueness regarding trends, music, excursions, sports, clothes/hair/piercings/food choices within reason, etc…INCLUDING pets like dogs, cats, rabbits, rats, hamsters, fish, spiders, snakes and other creepy crawlie creatures that made my skin crawl because MOM was always the one who ended up feeding and taking care of them.

And I HATE creepy crawlers-ESPECIALLY snakes. Blecchh!

But, because I didn’t want to project my fears onto my children, I allowed them to indulge. I had one (really, just one) non-negotiable, non compromising ain’t gonna happen no way, no how, h*ll no, stop asking because I said so rule.

No full size trampolines.


H*ll no.

No way. Because I said so. Period.

I even tried to appease them a bit by getting the mini trampoline with the bars so they could jump. I love jumping on my mini.

They don’t.

I have adventurously fearless children, especially my two boys.
My oldest son has had 4 concussions. One of which was on a trampoline.

They tried to argue and plead their case for many years with the safety, promises, being considerate when younger siblings and friends jumped, the sales pitch of “but mom we can put the safety net around it”, etc.

I. Said. No.

So here we are 27 years later, my oldest son finally won his argument and is on his way as I type this with his 12 year old little sister to go pick up his ‘surprise’ present for the family…

Yep. A full size trampoline. Lexie is over the top excited and I am doing my best to pretend that I am not going to jump on it.

Every. Single. Day.

Growing in grace & maturity doesn’t have to mean growing up or growing old. It can very well mean;

What the hell, why not, sure it sounds like a lot of fun, and it’s really great cardio exercise. And I have always been a fun kind of mom, so? 😉

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