Queens CORE Creed

The Queens CORE Creed and what I Teach and Believe:

The Queen is the; Quintessential Unique Expression (of) Empress Nobility- and when she fully rises, she expresses:

Unprecedented Power

Everything and Everyone is Energy- Pure Positive Potential, Energy.  The Universe is governed by frequency and vibration and we create the movement, magic and momentum of every manifestation and miracle in our lives.

You are NOT broken. You only have wounds around your worth that have not yet been healed. Period.

It doesn’t matter how you were raised- What matters is how you rise.

Family- blood is not always relative. Hello Soul Tribe Family!

You are NOT too old.

It is NOT too late.

You can be, do, go, have, experience and enjoy your own version of Happily Ever After.

Men are NOT the enemy- they are some of the greatest teachers and catalysts ever.

You must love what you want more than you hate what you don’t.

Self-Sabotage- You do not rise from the beat up- You rise from the buildup.

Every person and relationship in our lives are direct reflections of our relationship with ourselves.

There is an unprecedented sacredness and sexiness to the Divine Sisterhood.

Every Woman deserves to be seen, heard, loved, valued, cherished, revered like a Queen and pampered like a Princess and to feel radiantly beautiful and enjoy mind blowing, mutually rewarding soul fulfilling sex.

The Universe and life are our faithful servants and dutifully serve exactly whatever we think, feel and believe we deserve.

Your CORE Essence is Royal- Start acting like it.

I believe in the magic of Unicorns.

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