The Storm is The Sign- Have Faith and Keep Going

Are you being shown more demonstration of a storm rather than the delivery of what you want? Keep going! Realize that this is a really GOOD sign!

Know that the closer you get to the light, the bigger the shadow becomes. How exciting is this?  You must have TRUST, FAITH and the burning desire to follow the path of your dreams. Then keep going. Pay attention to the twigs, flowers, and wood floating by you and showing you the way.

Columbus never gave up- He had a dream/goal and a burning desire and refused to give up because of the storms he was encountering.

3 days…on the morning of the third day…him and his crew began to see the other side of the storm…the delivery.

There is such power and magic in the number 3…your signs are everywhere- be awake and aware of the signs of “land.” You are closer than you realize.

Keep going 

“Toward the end of the long voyage, the crew became increasingly restless. So much so that the captains of the Pinta and Niña met with Columbus to discuss turning back before they had a mutiny on their hands. Columbus bargained with them and knew that he could be facing the plank if his “hunch” didn’t pan out. He was able to get them to agree to press on for just THREE more days.

After the meeting, Columbus stood in his faith convinced without wavering that land was near and pressed on. That first night the three ships covered more distance than any other day during the entire journey. This caused concern for the crew.

Why were they suddenly moving so quickly?

The next day, the excitement began to spread amongst the crew. Sure signs of land could be found in the water: twigs, flowers, and wood that had been carved were spotted floating past them.”

Keep going…

Your miracles and manifestation are closer than you think.

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