The Truth About Spiritual Evolution and Authentic Empowerment

Spiritual evolution and authentic empowerment requires the total transformation through these 4 critical phases:

Breakdowns, Barriers, Boundaries and Breakthroughs. Facing, revealing, feeling, re-defining, protecting, honoring and healing- stripping away of the almost infinite layers of the ego and constant breakthroughs.

That is the only way to have liberation and freedom to live a life you love and love the life you live. Not the lies you’ve been sold and the BS you’ve been told.

I don’t care what anyone else tells you. Many days it sucks. Plain English. I know. Especially when you’re an Nth degree empath and feel every single emotion to your core. I’ve done it for over four decades now. Fighting it, falling flat, letting go so I can rise higher, falling further and rising even higher. Breakthroughs and freedom happen once the ego has given way to spiritual growth, understanding and maturity. That’s the surrender.

If it was easy, everyone would choose the Spiritual path.

It’s. Not. Easy.

Enlightening, Elevating and Empowering, yes.

But Not. Easy.

When the path you’ve chosen in life is singular focused than perhaps not so tough. I don’t know. However, and considering the dynamics and severity and consistency of dysfunction in your upbringing, it is not a rosy posy fluff and stuff mush in the middle pretty or always playful road to travel. Then when you add each additional child into the mix and season it with numerous abusive and toxic relationships and friendships, it certainly intensifies the pain in the process, and shapes you into an entire new human being. If you allow it.

A beautiful, brave, up-leveled, evolved and authentically empowered new, true, you.

Letting go can be so difficult and immensely painful and yet we know when we let go, it allows everyone the freedom to grow through their own journeys. Our children come through us, not for us. And so many people cross our paths to teach us exactly how to love and let go.

Not easy. I know. This is something over the years that I have had to remind myself of often.

It can be done. With patience, persistence, faith and grace, life transforms us and shows us our true self which is perfectly imperfect, deeply loved and infinitely accepted.

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