The Universal School of Feng Shui


With Feng Shui Master Consultant Stacie Campanelli

Creatrix of The Universal School of Feng Shui

Fun Shui’ing success for the non-traditional

With my Sifu Feng Shui Grandmaster Lillian Too in 2001

I was personally and extensively trained in the beautiful traditional art of Feng Shui by my Sifu Grand Master Lillian Too in 2001.

Some of my previous education and certification in Feng Shui include;

*Comprehensive Feng Shui
*Space Clearing
*Advanced Space Clearing
*Eight Mansions
*Advanced Eight Mansions
*Tibetan Singing Bowls/Magic Mirrors and Protective Cures
*Flying Stars Feng Shui
*Advanced Flying Stars Feng Shui
*Lo Pan Compass

Lillian always encouraged me to “dig deeper” as I was learning the art and to find the path that worked for me-

Tens of thousands of dollars later in furthering education, hands-on training and learning from personal experience what worked and what clearly did not- birthed my own School: US- The Non-Traditional Universal School of Feng Shui.

A non-traditional approach to the Art of Feng Shui, while still honoring the essence.


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