What is Relationship Empowerment Coaching for Women?

Relationship Empowerment means first accepting the truth that you are not broken. You are not “damaged goods”.

Contrary to all the quotes, memes and well-meaning Spiritual teachers and coaches spreading that mistruth all over the internet and world about us Women being “broken little girls inside” is to be spiritually blunt- B.S.
Broken implies damaged, and we are anything but damaged.
The truth is as Women, we are not speaking up for what we believe and know to be our truth, asking for what we want in all of our relationships, and contributing personally and professionally because we are suffering from
We are struggling with, settling for, stressing over and sacrificing our own Happily Ever After because we fear many things including rejection, shame, guilt and for the sake of harmony with others/trying to keep the peace”.(aka- people pleasing).
It is not working- and we are suffering for no empowering reason.
If you are stressing, sacrificing, struggling or settling within any of your 4 CORE relationships, then you know, it is clearly, not working.
Once we heal the wounds around our worth, Queen Up and fully Rise to our Size through the Royal Rebirth of our CORE Self-Worth, we can speak up and ACT with Authentic, Transparent Confidence and courage for what we want- and get it.
Relationship Empowerment is the strength and ability to ask, share and ACT from a place of  Self-CARE (Compassion, Appreciation, Respect, Enjoyment), Commitment, Confidence, Creative Expression, and Courage.
Empowering yourself and others by expressing, expanding, engaging and enjoying experiences with others through all your senses and pleasure.
Relationship Empowerment:
To experience and enjoy mutually rewarding Royal Relationships.
To Live and Love our own version of Happily Ever After.
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