What is Self-Worth-Itis?


You could be suffering from Self-Worth-Itis if you have or currently are;

struggling, sacrificing, stressing or settling in any of your 4CORE Relationships or

far long enough with your





Creative expression

Courage and


If you feel like you’ve had enough of the pains associated with Self-Worth-itis caused by chronic;





                                         Complacency which has led you to


When you’ve had a nagging sense and a soul knowing that it’s time to heal your hurts, Queen Up the shadow lies, rebirth your Royal self-worth and rise to your Royal class size- and the size of your creative calling.

It’s time to heal the wounds around your worth

It’s time to heal the wounds, Queen Up the shadow lies, rebirth your Royal Self Worth and fully Rise to Your Royal Class Size

So you can experience and enjoy mutually rewarding relationships and finally live your own Happily Ever After.

Knowing it’s time and you are ready to give yourself permission and stop needing and waiting for approval from others

Ready to validate and truly value the creative expression in your soul

When you know that it’s time to rebirth your Royal CORE self-worth

Healing the wounds around a womans worth and giving herself/yourself permission for a royal rebirth of your CORE Self-Worth.

It’s time for you to heal the hurt, Queen Up the shadow lies, rebirth your royal self worth and fully rise to your Royal class size-

The Queen is an acronym for;  The

Quintessential Unique Expression (of) Empress Nobility

and when she fully rises to her size she embodies;

Unprecedented Power.


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