Hey hey lovelies! I am Stacie Campanelli aka The Queen Whisperer and I am the Founder and Faciliator of Queens Quest AcadeME™ – a Holistic Based Wellness and Relationship Empowerment School for Spiritually Awakening, High Achieving Women.

I am a lifelong student of life, of unconditional love, all things spirituality, energy, frequency and vibration.

This includes LOA (Law of Attraction) and Feng Shui. 

I am a Holistic Healer, Spiritual Teacher, Women’s Relationship Empowerment Coach and Master Feng Shui Consultant. 

I was trained in traditional Feng Shui personally by Grandmaster Lillian Too and have gone on to create my own school of Feng Shui for the Non-Traditional Woman.

I have been helping spiritually awakened women Queen UP and fully Rise to Their Size Spiritully, Personally and Professionally  since 1995. 


I am different from other healers, coaches, trainers and Spiritual teachers in that I bring almost a half of century worth of wisdom with a childlike sense of play in all my teachings and programs. Imaginaiton is where a lot of  us have lost our sense of wonder and excitement.  I infuse a good amount of fun and joy in all my teaching and coaching programs, products and services because I feel that spiritual, personal and professional empowerment and wellness is designed to be fun and joyful.


I am also a very passionate woman and embrace my Divinely royal, authentic, sexy, silly, sensual, superlative, creative kind of magically crazy-self.


Because, well, trying to be like everyone else is really, very boring.


If you would like to read a little (ok, a lot) more about my backstory you can pull up a chair and click here:

What I do:

I work with elite and extraordinary Spiritually Awakening Women who are suffering from Self-Worth-itis which shows itself as struggling, stressing, sacrificing and settling within any of their 4 CORE relationships.

I help them fully awaken, Quickly Queen Up and fully Rise to Their Size, so they can live their own version of Happily Ever After.

I do this by combining my almost century of personal experience (experiential training) with DV, abusive, unfulfilling and unequal relation-shi*s and stifled creativity, my 20+ years of professional training and education and expertise, my holistic healing abilities as a Lightworker/Empath and my magically edgy personality and style.

I use all my experience to help them reconnect with their spiritual truth, rebuilding and raising their levels of Royally High Self-I-C™ and helping her rebirth her CORE Self-Worth.

As a result, they are able to finally stop over-analyzing, agonizing and apologizing for their spiritual truth and gifts, experience and enjoy equally supportive and mutually rewarding relationships and rise higher to meet their dreams and match their desires in all 7 main Royal Life areas.

What truly sets me apart from all the other spiritual leaders, teachers, trainers, coaches and writers as The Hallmark of Authentic Women’s Empowerment is my 40+ years of personal experience of Totally True Trans4MEtion™ through domestic violence, core4 abusive, unfulfilling and unequal relationships and stifled creativity, combined with my 20+ years of professional training, formal education and expertise.

I own a non-traditional, non-conforming coaching acadeME for Holistic Women’s Wellness and Relationship Empowerment

.I have what I call experiential training. Bar none to all papered training. I have been to hell, had tea with the devil, danced intimately with his shadows, burned him with my desire to rise higher and have risen to my size.
Time, and again.

I am Resurrected Royal Grace™

If you can relate and resonate with that burning desire to rise higher, create, experience and enjoy equally supportive and mutually rewarding relationships, raise your levels of Royally High Self-Identi-C™/Self-i-C™ and are ready to Queen Up and Rise to Your Authentic Size and The Size of Your Creative Calling™ click here to schedule a complimentary Royal Life Strategy session.

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