Queens Quest AcadeME

A Holistic Based Women’s Wellness & Relationship Empowerment School- The first and only one of its kind!

Objective/goal/mission of Queens Quest AcadeME-

Deep Spiritual Transformational Coaching and Mentoring through our group programs, courses, and curriculum that are all founded on our

4COREnerstones and Pillars of Empowerment:

1. Enlightenment (Spiritual Pillar)

2. Education (Mental Pillar)

3. Enrichment (Emotional Pillar)

4. Elevation (Physical Pillar)

Our mission is to cure Self-Worth-itis in Awakening Women who are the worlds Lightworkers, Empaths, Sensitives, Healers Themselves and Angels- by healing the masculine wounds around their worth.

We do this by teaching them how to awaken daily, Queen Up, fully rise to their authentic size and the size of their creative calling through the Royal Rebirth of their CORE self-worth. (CORE stands for Components Of Royal Essence)- So they can allow greater wealth and abundance, easily manifest equally supportive and mutually rewarding CORE relationships and create The Royal Life while living their own version of Happily Ever After.

We provide and guide with the spiritual tools that empower the awakening woman over 40 to define, design & live her own Happily Ever After- The life she has wished for, dreamed about and deserves.

My name is Stacie Campanelli aka The Queen Whisperer and I have been helping Spiritually Awakening Women heal the masculine wounds around their worth, Queen Up and fully Rise to their Authentic Size Spiritually, Personally and Professionally Since 1995

* Holistic Healer * Spiritual Life Mentor & Teacher * Trainer * Relationship Empowerment Coach * Master Feng Shui Consultant * Energy Ninja* Lightworker * Empath * Author * Queen Whisperer*

I am the QEO and Creatrix of the Leading Edge Holistic Wellness & Relationship Empowerment Online School, Program and System teaching:

Queens Quest: Free to Be ME- Happily Ever After™

Through the healing of the masculine wounds around their worth and curing Self-Worth-itis, Lightworking Women are able to;

Allow the flow of greater wealth and abundance 

Dramatically improve their health,

Easily manifest equally supportive and mutually rewarding relationships

While living The Royal Life and their own version of Happily Ever After.

I currently offer two programs through my online AcadeME:

The Crown: consists of an intimate and immersive 9-month group program for 9 Woman only which concludes with a Royal Retreat 4 day weekend

The Tiara: consists of an intimate 4-month group program

Queens Quest AcadeME

If you feel as though you have struggled, stressed, suffered, sacrificed and settled long enough with your





Creative expression


If you feel like you’ve had enough of the pains associated with Self-Worth-itis originating from The Slipper and Sleeper Story Syndrome ™

and caused by chronic;






When you’ve had a nagging sense and a soul knowing that it’s time to heal your hurts, Queen Up the shadow lies, rebirth your Royal self-worth and fully rise to your Royal class size- and the size of your creative calling.

It’s time to heal the wounds around your worth

It’s time to heal the wounds, Queen Up the shadow lies, rebirth your Royal Self-Worth and Rise to Your Royal Class Size

It is time to give yourself permission and to stop needing, seeking and waiting for the approval of others

You are ready to validate yourself and truly value the creative expression in your soul

It is time to rebirth your Royal self-worth

No More Delay- Contact me to begin the Queen Up Life Transformation Today! 

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